Essay On Believing In Islam

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There is more to believing in Islam than what has been mentioned. Muslims must pray regularly. Before they begin, they must be clean. Individuals must wash their face, hands, feet, and this process is called doing “wudhu”. Praying requires facing the direction of the Makkah. Instead of praying at home, some prefer to go to the mosque to do their daily prayers. Some also like to hear what the Imam, who is the mosque's religious leader, has to say. Before entering the mosque, individuals should remove their shoes. They should also do “wudhu” if unclean. In every mosque there is a designated place for “wudhu”. In some mosques, there is a library with various books such as the Koran, some have kitchens, halls, and classrooms to teach children about Islam. When they are practicing their religion, Muslims keep a Qu’ran with them, as well as a stand for their Qu’ran, a prayer mat, prayer beads, a compass and a skull cap.

In Islam, the birth of a child is considered a gift from Allah. It is important to teach the child about Islam as soon as possible. Some start teaching their children from the moment they are born. While the baby is being washed, one of the parents must whisper in their left ear. Honey or another type of sugar should be placed on the tongue as a symbol of a happy everlasting life. When a boy is born, the parents must
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When individuals die, their souls live on even if their body dies. This means that they can be born again and reincarnate. Everyone can reincarnate multiple times. Souls are trapped within a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, which is called “samsara”. The main goal of the Hindu people is to try to escape from “samsara” by reaching “moksha” which mean freedom. This is done so that the soul can reach Brahman. It is important to do good actions in order to reach “moksha”, and wrong actions are punished through the laws of
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