Essay On Belonging During The Holocaust

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Belonging During the Holocaust How would you feel if the only way it came down to survive was to feel belonging? If you didn 't belong in many ways during the Holocaust there was a low chance of surviving. If you didn 't feel belonging than that would usually lead to many things like sadness and loneliness. An important part of the Holocaust was to feel accepted into a group and have someone care about you like in the books Night, Heroes of the Holocaust, and The Hitler Youth. Elie Wiesel and his father were all each other had during the Holocaust. If they didn 't have each other they probably would have died earlier. “All I was to think about was not to loose him, not to remain alone” (Wiesel 29-30). As the soldiers were separating the…show more content…
In Heroes of the Holocaust Preben saved all those people because his friends did, people supported him, and he knew that is was the right thing to do. Preben’s family and friends liked what he did so it encouraged him more to what he does and not give up. “I would be very disappointed in you if you didn’t want to help” (Zullo 177). Preben’s Grandmother was proud of him for saving people and helping out and it encourages him to do it even more. “Stand up and show that you will not be beat” (Zullo 162). The Danish cop stopped Preben when he was delivering undercover news about the Holocaust and told him that he was doing the right thing and standing up for what he believes in and not to stop. When Preben knows that someone supports him it only encourages him to keep doing it. Preben probably not have made it very far if no one supported him or accepted him for what he wanted to do. Everyone wants to accepted and cared about today and especially during the times of the Holocaust. Belonging was an important factor in order to survive the Holocaust because if you didn’t feel belonging you probably would mentally give up is the worst thing you could have done during the holocaust. Belonging is an important role today and was during World War Two because it could have cost you your
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