Benefit Of Entrepreneurs Essay

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Essay about the benefits of Entrepreneurs in companies by Jan-Niklas Lindgens

The foundation of innovative and knowledge-intensive enterprises is the basis for economic development and the long term assurance of prosperity in the global knowledge society. Hence, it is important to point out how companies can grow and use Entrepreneurs strategically to perform better.

The ambition of young graduates to become an entrepreneur is not an occurrence of the 21th century, but it definitely has changed approximately during the last decades. One of the outstanding examples is the Entrepreneur and Apple-Founder Steve Jobs, who caused a profound change through creative ideas.
In the US the majority of the sustained pace of net job creation is based on innovative and rapidly growing start-ups and business expansions in fast growing industries and fields of technology. To launch a start-up in service industries – for example – became much easier since the development and use of the Internet and upcoming applications for smartphones and tablets. Even when Entrepreneurship in Europe (compared to the U.S American market) is still in the early stages more and more young people are trying to invent useful applications or to create ideas for their own start-up companies. Therefore many bachelor graduates determine on applying for a master program in
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Still – by studying Entrepreneurship there is no guarantee to found a successful enterprise. But by trying you achieve a significant experience which could be integrated as a useful reference in the support and guidance of start-ups or young companies to help them

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