Essay On Benefits Of Internet In The Third World

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How Internet Can Be Successful In A Third World Country (Pakistan)? Clinton's opinions summarize that many global leaders' considerate the Internet as both a growing problem and a growing opportunity for third world countries (Pakistan). Unfortunately, the multiplicity of these third world countries worsens the digital divide to which Clinton mentions. Problems ranging from infrastructure expenditures to cultural and language hurdles waving Internet development efforts. Similarly, while many see the Internet as a rising social and economic chance, its comparative benefit is unclear to some local leaders of third world countries whose more instant concerns include vaccinations, food, electricity etc. It is of need to know that how the Internet can benefit third world countries. The differing needs of each region and the financial, infrastructural, cultural, and political likelihood of making the Internet accessible. While the dares faced by third world country like Pakistan are largely firm by its local cultural, political, and economic conditions, we found common subjects in the countries for successful development strategies. For example, most of the strategies that have successfully fought the lack of countryside communications infrastructure include some form of public, community-based internet access rather than…show more content…
As it contain huge amount of knowledge of almost every aspect of life and fact. But third world countries are not using these facilities as they are not provided with better enhancement of utilizing these kind of knowledge in better way mainly because of huge illiteracy rate anf facilities. Mostly people in these countries are not even, this much educated that they can read simple English language or can count simple amount. Due to which people of these countries are lacking behind from internet using countries

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