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We have all been told at one point or another that reading helps and improves the human cognitive functions. No matter what type of books, magazines or comics you may be into, as long as you are engaging your mind in a way that requires your complete attention and participation from multiple sectors of the brain, there will still be some benefits. Although the type of material you read is proportional to the benefits reaped. While the type of book read is irrelevant in the improvement of cognitive function, the type of book read is important the development and improvement of the intellectual processes. That said, is there such a thing as too much reading. We all have that friend who constantly has his nose buried in a new book (better known as the avid reader with a voracious appetite for knowledge). Here are some of the drawbacks and advantage of excessive reading:
1. Development of the introverted personality: Reading too much can lead to an introverted personality. Most people that read a lot tend to be very cerebral, they spend more time analyzing situations and are more inclined to stay home because of a new book than to go out with friends. The more cerebral we become, the quieter we are and in time this will translate into a more introverted personality. Whilst this is
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Better attention span: Reading improves our attention span. To those of you with the family members or friends with the attention spans of a humming bee, politely suggest they read more often. Or take a more proactive approach and give them books as gifts for Christmas and birthday, then discus said books with them at a later date. Here is why reading increases your attention span; reading is a linear process that requires to start at the beginning and gradually proceed through the entire book with unwavering attention. It requires you to focus on subject matter; building a storyline in your mind requires time. This is why those that read a lot are most likely to be good listeners. (link

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