Solar Energy Benefits

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ENERGY - NEED TO DEVELOP ALTERNATIVE SOURCE (SOLAR ENERGY) Renewable energy or alternative source is the energy that are generated from natural resources that can continually be replenished. To generate this type of energy, renewable energy technologies and innovation are used to become renewable energy sources. There are various types of renewable energy technologies such as are geothermal energy, bioenergy, hybrid, hydropower, wind energy, ocean energy and solar energy. These all energy provided large benefits for our environment, our health and our economy. Each of those renewable energy has their own benefits and I will focus on explores the benefits associated with solar energy technologies. What is solar energy? Solar energy is energy…show more content…
In this essay, I will write a little bit about important and benefits of solar energy to our life. One of benefits of solar energy is it can reduces air pollution. As we can see, when we use fossil fuel, it will burned it down and particulate matter is unrestricted into the air, irrespective of hard work to decrease these radiations. The environment can be affected form this haze as the result. Besides in other towns, a serious health problem for citizens can posed. Also, when combustion of fuel is incomplete, the carbon monoxide is created. This carbon monoxide gas is one of the dangerous gases that will affect our health even in little dosages. The energy that produce by solar system does not contribute to air…show more content…
Some remote area is difficult to get electricity. In power remote apparatus that used for security monitoring and environment, there are more often to use batteries and to control the message devices. For example, the help call boxes along the stretches of highways. The solar photovoltaic cells (PV) can simply run control to these remote devices and the need for batteries can be abolished. Batteries also pose an environmental disposal problem, since chemicals from inside the batteries can leach into the soil and water, causing contamination. Does Malaysia use solar energy as their alternative energy like other country? Yes, Malaysia is one of the country that use solar energy as their alternative energy. In this part will discover about solar energy in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the nations in the world that hardly fight against temperature change. Our country are dedicated to reducing the unwanted gases releases carried by fossil fuel and has intended Green Technology in the way to safe our world for the future generations. Truth is, solar technology isn't that new anymore. In 7th Century, the initial society light fire by concentrating the sun`s heat with mirrors. They already know the way to make solar power. Over the years, this solar technology has been developed to be as one of the alternative energy source to generate electricity in the minor

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