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Title How can sports help in daily life? Background of sports Sports is that people follow the growth and development of the human body and activity patterns through physical exercise, technology, training, athletic competition and other ways to achieve enhanced physical fitness, improve athletic skills, enrich the cultural life of the community activity purposes. You can stay healthy, improve immunity. Exercise is the inherent nature and material existence, is inherent in the fundamental properties of matter, no matter no movement, it did not leave the motion of matter. A conservation movement that sports can neither be created nor destroyed, its specific form is diverse and transformed into each other, the total amount of movement in constant…show more content…
I love playing sports very much but nowadays, I found out that more and more people have less interest in doing sports because of the busy life. This leads to various diseases which causes people to suffer from death. Doing sports can help to increase blood circulation in human body and thus maintaning a healthy body. I choose to write this topic to encourage people to do sports even though their life is busy because healthy is wealthy. Nothing is more important than a healthy body. How will this topic benefits others? The topic will get to raise awareness of the benefit of doing sports among the society. Therefore, the number of people doing sports will increase and thus they get to know the various benefits of doing sports, such as lower the chance of getting heart disease. People will get to learn good moral values, such as teamwork, persistence and self-discipline. People will get to apply them in real life, helping more people to achieve success in their own career . This will also boost their country 's prosperity. People will also get to know that doing sports will boost self confidence . Through sports, people will get fit. With a fit and ripped body, they will look more presentable and attractive. Therefore, people will be confident enough to do anything such as works, presentation and

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