Essay On The Benefits Of Technology In Classroom

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The Benefits of Technology in a class room. The statement that has been made is “Portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are a beneficial addition to any university lecture or classroom setting.”. For me that statement is completely true. Yes using technology has a few disadvantages but believe me there are a significant more advantages than disadvantages. As I said there are a lot of benefits to having and using technology in a classroom. Technology in the classroom enables the use of more interactive educational tools, which allows for a dynamic learning experience that directly benefits students. And there are ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. Centered primarily on collaboration and sharing, Web 2.0 computer applications encourage student self-expression, interaction with peers, and opportunity for authentic learning experiences (see). Through the implementation and integration of Web 2.0 computer technologies in the classroom setting, students are now able to have new authentic and meaningful learning experiences. Technology not only benefit the students but also the Teacher. The teacher benefits from having technology in the class room. By having just a single laptop, a webcam, a projector, and an…show more content…
These different instruments are utilized to make an exhausting part more vivid and intriguing. Innovation can add varying media impacts to the substance of a tasteless section which will make you need to study it. When you take a gander at sections in a fat, high contrast course reading, do truly have a craving for sitting and understanding them? Obviously not, who will get a kick out of the chance to sit through exhausting classes? Utilizing innovation, both programming and equipment, to make the unremarkable lessons energizing is the thing that numerous instructive organizations are falling back

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