Benefit Of Tertiary Education Essay

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According to the Oxford Pocket School Dictionary (2007), “education is the process of training people’s minds and abilities so that they acquire knowledge and develop skills.” As such, tertiary education is the level of education one receives at a college, university and other institutions in the form of academic degrees, after completing secondary education at a high school.

Therefore, the benefits of tertiary education are very critical in today’s society since it allows for a variety of jobs at the individual’s disposal versus someone who did not pursue an education beyond high school. With the advantage of more jobs, people with tertiary education earn more money to increase their lifetime income which is a good return on one’s investment
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The personal benefits of tertiary education sees an individual with higher degrees or certificates being able to earn higher salaries; which allows more future choices for example, choosing jobs that suits his or her lifestyle and neighbourhood for living. On the other hand, tertiary education fosters the selection of spouses or partners with higher education in most cases which is seen as an opportunity for growth in personal relationships (Mahon, 2012).

Nevertheless, tertiary education is extremely valuable financially and makes an individual more intelligent than someone with just high school education. Hence, studies have shown that intelligence and education (especially that of tertiary education) definitely corresponds. The average Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a tertiary graduate is higher based on an individual’s receptivity in relation to interpretation which indicates higher levels of intelligence while fostering a higher quality of life. This is quite evident because, tertiary students are known for exceptional problem solving skills. In addition, tertiary education is beneficial due to the variety of new opportunities students receive; especially in the making of new friends who become lifetime best friends (Deary & Johnson,

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