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What are the benefits of traveling for the traveler?
It is believed that the globalization and technology have made our life easier than ever before. In current life, more people wish to spend their free time traveling and spending times on vacations. Because people are fascinated to see new places and things. There is an increasing trend in the number of people who opt to travel in search of jobs or for leisure activities. This essay describes the reasons for this trend and the advantages associated with traveling.
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine. There are 5 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Education (Leon Logothetis, april 20,2015). The first reason is Learn New Languages. Though English is a reliably popular second language for most corners of the world, prepared travelers need to do their fare share of language studying. The second reason is Explore Cultural Differences. In communicating and interacting with other cultures, you’ll find just how they vary from your own. In Italy, many people go on “passeggiatas,” or post-meal walks. In Mexico, it’s common for people to take a “siesta,” or nap, after lunch. The third reason is Discover Cultural Similarities. After observing what separates your culture from another’s, keep an eye out for common ground too. The fourth reason is Unearth History. By exploring other parts of the world (or even hidden gem locations in your own
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THE EFFECTS OF TRAVELING AREN’T JUST SHORT-TERM. Aside from making you happier in the short-term, traveling can make you a much more contented, happy and relaxed person in the long run, too. Kelchner's (2017)illustrated that traveling is Job Benefits for Newspaper Journalists. They can gain access to exclusive events, meet and interview celebrities and interesting people and witness history firsthand. They also get independent Work Environment,

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