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In the epic tale, Beowulf, a hero emerges and goes on to become a beloved leader. What makes Beowulf, the main protagonist of this epic, such a leader? Based on the article, Beowulf and the Teaching of Leadership, by Tom Laughman and John Finlay, I postulate that Beowulf is a charismatic leader. According to the authors, Beowulf fits into the Conger and Kanungo’s Charismatic Leader Model (p 159). The purpose of this essay is to examine what makes Beowulf a charismatic leader and relate it to society today.
Beowulf is a poem that was shared by many composers but never actually written until the17th century. It was memorized and recited throughout the times of B.C. and A.D. The 3000-line poem has all the components of a heroic tale; filled with drama, magic and fantasy. We are enchanted by the hero of the tale, Beowulf, who saves kingdoms, becomes a great king that was revered by many and then dies tragically as a hero. He was a charismatic leader that a reader or an audience member might infer was needed during the time it was first recited.
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In my opinion, I can identify the former President Obama as a charismatic leader that everyone loved. He related to all people whether you liked his politics or not. He was a leader in bad times and good times. I remember his speech when he spoke about the kindergartners who died from gun violence. I saw the tear he tried to wipe away and the sincerity and complete sorrow he felt for the children and families. I saw him as leader who was trying to heal and lead his people after tragedy. I grew up with President Obama, he was the only leader I remember as a President so when Donald J. Trump became President I was fearful. President Trump was or is the unknown for me. Unlike Beowulf, I do not see President Trump creating alliances or bringing unity. As young minority teenager, I don’t feel safe. I see our country

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