The Qualities Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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To be considered an epic hero, one must not only exhibit acts of courage but also perform acts of being superhuman. Beowulf, known for his great feats of strength, is considered to be one of the greatest epic heros of all time. He posses all the qualifications necessary for him to be categorized as being an epic hero. What does it take to be an Epic hero? It's a name given to few. A person must posses more qualities than super strength. They must be courageous in all their endeavors. In many cases, the acts committed by an epic hero determine by their superhuman abilities. Being an epic hero takes more than just having superhuman powers, and being able to fight. Being an epic hero means that all those skills can be done with respect. Characteristics that simply describe Beowulf. It does not take long to see that Beowulf is no ordinary man. Through his many acts of valor, Beowulf exhibits feats only superhuman capabilities could allow him to do. Beowulf is described as being “greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world..."(Beowulf). He used this superhuman strength in his endeavors, Beowulf possessed a super human ability that gave him the power to …show more content…

Beowulf fought with great bravery and courage to protect others. He believed that the only way to immortality was to become historic. “But you have made yourself immortal by your glorious action." (Beowulf 246). Beowulf’s actions of killing Grendel and fighting his mother were events that will leave an everlasting impression. Beowulf's pagan warrior culture perceives fame as a way of leaving an eternal memory of an individual's actions. It’s something that will continue one's memory even after death. Beowulf believes that it will be a way of praising him for his deeds. From his compassion to courage, and his bravery and honor, all of Beowulf’s actions come together to prove he is an epic

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