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The Bermuda Triangle is a huge mystery. The triangle “is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean” (“The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle”). When you look at a globe, it appears to simply be a body of water in the ocean with a few islands scattered here and there. However, there is an invisible outline of an area shaped like a triangle. The three points of the triangle on Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Many strange and unusual happenings occur here. Boats and airplanes go missing; they are never seen or heard from again. Though numerous people blame the disappearances on supernatural or unearthly events, we believe it is all due to natural occurrences.
The region where the Bermuda
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Columbus did sail through the Bermuda Triangle and he saw
One of the first disappearances that people took notice to was the USS Cyclops. In 1918, the ship was supposed to sail from Bahia, Salvador to Baltimore, Maryland for the US Navy during World War I. The ship stopped at the island of Barbados to pick up more supplies, but never made it to Chesapeake Bay. No SOS calls were sent out, and the remains of the ship and the 306 passengers and crew are yet to be found.
Another disappearance that people heard about was Flight 19. In December 1945, Navy bombers took off for a practice run from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The flight consisted of five planes with fourteen men. The pilots were students in training with Lieutenant Charles Taylor, the only experienced pilot, leading them. They planned on flying 56 miles to Hens and Chicken Shoals near the Florida Keys, fly 67 miles east, turn north for 73 miles, and fly 120 miles back home. The men became lost most likely due to magnetic variation. They flew into the Bermuda Triangle area until their fuel tanks ran out. A thirteen man rescue team that also never returned was sent out in search of Flight 19. There was no sign of any of the

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