Betrayal In Hamlet

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Why is it that society is setting us up to be betrayed by individuals that we believe are our close friends? In the United States many individuals are betrayed on a daily basis. It’s anything from as big as the president betraying all the citizen’s to simply a friend betraying your relationship and the trust you believed there was between the two of you. Betrayal can even be when your mother marries your uncle or even worse your uncle kills your dad. Shakespeare displays and makes an emphasis to have one of the themes in his play Hamlet be betrayal which is something that is still very present in society today. In Shakespeare’s piece Hamlet, he displays many individuals being betrayed. It could be anything from family betrayal to friend…show more content…
When situations like these happen in your life you tend to break down and question why. I will never forget the time when who I thought was my best friend began betraying me. I will never forget the gut feeling I got in my stomach when I began to hear from others that she was talking behind my back. The worst part is that I wasn’t even hearing it from her but that I was hearing it from another individual. Aren’t your best friends supposed to always have your back and help you through your decisions that will impact your life for the rest of you life. In society today we hope that individuals will take the time to support you rather than go against you, but that isn’t always the case in our society. Social media nowadays effects the way many individuals go about their friendships. Many individual try to paint this picture that their life is perfect but in reality it is far from it. “Social media is harmless if we are careful to remember that simple fact. It’s powerless if we neglect the inclination to compare and criticize our own lives through the falsified images we too are guilty of creating” (Herrick). Through social media many individuals will feel betrayed from the truth of how individuals look in person as they do when they post on social media. Also through social media many people depict that they live a perfect

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