Betta Vs Goldfish Essay

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Pets have been domesticated on the basis of having mutual benefits. Dogs were domesticated from wolves to help hunt and be great companions with man. Cats were domesticated in order to help with controlling pest around a home, whether inside or outside. In return we care for their needs which includes feeding, bathing and interacting with them. However, these two pets require room to roam and not much apartments allow them. For that reason having small fishes make great apartment pets. More importantly having a betta fish is better than having a goldfish when it comes down to the cost of food, maintenance, and lifespan. All pets need food to help them grow and be healthy. There are different types of brands to choose from, some with different…show more content…
In doing so, it will provide a healthy, and clean environment for it. Both betta, and goldfish are easy to maintain and care for because neither of them require any past aquatic experience. Since a goldfish requires to eat a lot, and is a messy eater, you would see that the tank gets dirty quickly. Furthermore, if there is decorations in the tank like rocks, mini sculptures, fake plants etc. will make the cleaning hard. For instance, after taking the fish from the tank you would pour the dirty water into the sink. Then you would have to carefully clean the decoration, and the tank with water to get the foul smell, and griminess off. It can be a hassle because cleaning the decor takes more patience than just cleaning the tank. On the contrary, cleaning a tank of a betta is easier, and doesn't get as dirty as the goldfish. According to Pet Sitters International cleaning of the tank of a betta “should be done every three or four days for small bowls or tanks.” The reason for this is due to the required amount of food they intake. Not eating a lot of food will preserve the tank from getting dirty as quickly. In doing so, the cleaning of the decor, and the tank will take less time and less patience to do. Furthermore, both of these fish are freshwater fish, meaning that the water that they use can be found in your faucet, making the cleaning process easier for both of

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