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Music and Dance from the Punjab. N.p., 13 Apr. 2015. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.

When someone talks about Bhangra, there could be many different types of dance form we can refer too. With Bhangra itself being a main dance form, there are several sub categories of dancing style available. Some of the major dance forms of Bhangra are Giddha, Jhumar, Kikli, Luddi and Dhamal. Out of all these dance forms, Giddha is one of the form which is performed in huge volume at several different occasions. It is primarily a women’s folk dance which is usually performed by singing folk songs as well. A group of women gather up and wear similar outfit to each other. Afterwards, they make a circle and two women go inside circle and perform Giddha. Giddha dance is simple dance
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. Bhangra is all about symmetry, speed, balance, grace and fun. The sub genres of Bhangra makes it more interesting because you can examine this dance in different forms. One of the types of Bhangra is traditional Bhangra which consists of lively vivacious music with a distinct Dhol beat which gets people moving involuntarily. An example where traditional Bhangra is performed could be at marriage where group of male dancers wear Bhangra outfit and dance on the beats of Punjabi music. There steps are similar throughout the entire performances. There are music videos in which Bhangra is performed as well. The main significance of these dance moves is to show the excitement to the audience and make sure people are also being entertained from the performance. There is also a use of Dhol instrument while doing Bhangra steps. The use of Dhol brings rhythm to the performance and brings in even more excitement for the audience. Overall, the main focus on the Bhangra dance is to bring out the talent, potential and excitement of Punjabi’s people. (Online

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