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Although Dzongkha is considered as national language, teaching and learning English grammar has become essential part in the Bhutanese classroom. English is the medium of instruction for most subjects taught in the Bhutanese school: Almost all the Bhutanese schools provide English as a second language ( ESL) programme and most of the learners too are ESL students: for ESL students and teachers, it is challenging to learn and teach English without grammar for grammar is integral part of the language, serves the same purpose which language serves: Not only grammar helps the learners and teachers` to know the rules in a language for changing the form of words and joining them into sentences but also boost the ability to think and comprehend ideational world. Moreover, it helps learners to make a clear paragraphs and sentences that are precise and interesting. Today, teaching and learning grammar in Bhutanese classroom has become indispensable part and concern in…show more content…
Contrary to what some theorists believe, grammar is not merely a set of static rules but rather a body of rules which gives structure to the instructor and the student. It is a crucial factor for one to develop his/her second language properly. The importance of grammar lies in rendering the student self-dependent. Once he/she acquires a decent mastery of grammar, he can use it as a criterion to assess the accuracy of his/her speaking or writing. Moreover, teaching and learning English grammar in the Bhutanese classroom helps students improve spoken communication, writing skills, linguistic creativity and as meaning conveyance. In addition, the role grammar play in acquiring a second language is crucial. It raises consciousness of the rules; accelerate the learning process and increases accuracy. The more conscious the students about these rules, the more he can be in control of his second language and keep it in

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