Bias In Nursing Question Paper

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1. What do the terms “race”, “bias”, “attitude”, “judgment”, “care” and “assumption” mean to you? Race means that it is a group that person is commonly associated with the community, Race is a group which is characterized by hair, eye, and skin color. Bias is something a person uses to look at the world bias is something you can learn over time on your own or be taught by parents. Bias is a shift in a way someone perceives something or someone. Or when you favor something over another thing. Attitude is the way someone talks to a person in which tone of voice, attitude dictates a lot about a person, who they are.There are many types of judgments good judgment allows for critical thinking and a deeper thought process. Care is the way you show compassion to another person, caring for other make us who we are. Caring makes the world a better place being caring has more positives than negative. implications. Caring is feeling the world and understanding others needs and meeting them either on your own or with the help of others. An assumption is something that you create without any factual evidence. 2. How do these affect you? How do they affect your place in the world? All of these combined makes me who I…show more content…
My values are going to be different from the people around me which necessary but isn't bad it allows for a diverse health care from different perspectives. What I might miss someone else can catch as they see different. Values and beliefs shape our perceptions. I was brought up in a great home with no alcohol or drug issues so I have no negative belief toward anyone who is an alcoholic I don't find a reason to hate that person or alcohol. But anyone who has a hatred may treat an alcoholic differently than I might but we need to be sure not to allow personal differences to come between you and nursing
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