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Do big things really come in small packages? I believe they do because for me the simplest changes in someone’s life can change everything about a person’s life. I have always been the been the little one in the family, the baby and little bro to my siblings. it’s not so bad being the little brother but being the little one means you are probably going to look up an older brother or sibling and will assumably follow in there foots steps whether it’s good or bad. Most people say being the bigger brother is more optimal because you don’t have to get beat up. you’re mainly the one doing the beating. As for me, I am the middle man for 20 years I was always the little bro and the baby of the family until recently I was soon to learn my life was…show more content…
After that we soon departed on our way to where my baby brother was being kept. My heart was pounding, it felt as if someone was using my heart as a drum. Once we entered the room and I first glanced eyes on my little brothers I thought wow they are so tiny. This is it, I’m officially an older brother I think about how my older brother treated me, I always knew he loved me as a younger brother but I still feel like he wasn’t the older brother he should have been. I never really had anyone to look up to in my life, and seeing how I grew up I didn’t want them to grow up the same way. I’m going to be something. Something they can look up too and say wow he is so successful and cool. Kind of a corny thought if you ask me but I couldn’t bear the thought of them not having a role model. That day was a turning point in my life I had dropped school, I was working a minimum wage job, and I was about to move out and possibly work at Meijer for the rest of my life. I’ll accept them and I will do my best for them besides having two little brothers couldn’t be that bad it could be fun having little twin brother running around, at least that’s what I
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