Personal Narrative: Bikers Remorse

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Scared: Bikers Remorse
A bike can be a kid’s best friend until it’s not, leave the stunts to the pros. My Mom and I went to some non-profit event a couple years back. At 54 degrees it was a cold December morning for us native Floridians. The wait was only 20 minutes, but it seemed like forever! Once I had received my bike off to the parking lot I was. BMX stunts were the only thing on my mind. And I was ready to attempt one, “X-Games here I come” I chanted while popping a wheelie my back-tire gliding while my front wheel was forward. Soon my escape was over what felt like hours of thrill in my head, was over in a blink of an eye. My front tire came crashing down in the gravel making crumbling noises then a chilling fear came over me and I froze.
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“First stop hospital” in a low tone I exclaimed. My mother looked back at me told me to buckle up and that we would “Play it by ear”. What does that even mean? I didn’t want to play it by ear I needed to see a doctor and get diagnosed. So, in the back seat I became Dr. Clark and I needed to get to the bottom of this what where my symptoms, and what could be the cause of this pain that was not only lingering but intensifying. It’s now about 6 minutes into the car ride and mom turns around while I’m in my head jotting down notes of what could be the problem when she asks me “On a scale of 1-10 how bad is your pain?”. I had been almost completely silent since the incident. Before a word could exit my slightly opened mouthed enormous tears started wailing down my checks. Reality set in I didn’t know what was wrong and turns out my mom didn’t take me seriously I was stuck on the highway with a pain in my chest and my BMX dreams were far behind me. “9” I squeaked while sobbing my mom returned “We’re on our way to the Emergency…show more content…
Greeting us was a security guard in a tacky tan uniform asking my mom for her ID and the reason for the visit. Couldn’t he see a young girl was dying right before his eyes? At 12 years old, I was very dramatic a pre-teen with all the problems in the world. Moments after, I was taken to the back and finally, I knew my prayers would be answered. But was I wrong pain still at a level 9 and this nurse was asking me simple questions like “How are you doing this afternoon”, “what happened to you and how long ago”, “Have you eaten yet?”, “My name and my age”, “what school I went to”. The list went on and on, and I answered the questions anticipating the last one. However, after about 3 minutes of it I began to lose my patience. The pain was still on my chest and it felt stuck there. “When can I see a doctor”, I yelled as tears return to my cheeks and this time I felt as if I would flood the room. The nurse calmed me down handed me a revolting blue polka dot gown and asked me to change into it and gave me a warm blanket she said: “room Red # 3 the doctor will be with you shortly Ms. Ashley feel
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