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“Advanced” system: Bike Sharing System
“Sharing” is an important concept nowadays because of the environmental problem. Bike sharing is the idea of transportation recycling. On the way to campus, there are total seven bike stations. Five of them are near dorms and two of them are on campus. Shared bikes are usually painted with bright colors, such as red, yellow. They catch people’s attention even they are far away from bike stations. Near each station, there is a sign that gives the introduction of the Bike Sharing Program with low price. Students can check out by themselves and use them for a short-term trip within a campus. They borrow from A station and return to B. To complete the whole checkout process, people just need to do five steps. First, people can choose a bike and check the bike number on the front. Second, downloading an app called Zagster and plugged in the bike code. People will get a combination for
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The central concept of shared bike is “[b]y integrating with other public transportation systems and providing free or affordable access to bicycles for city travel, the public bicycle systems are used to lessen the use of automobiles for short trips inside the central business district, thereby alleviating traffic congestion and reducing noise/air pollution” (Strategic Design of Public Bicycle Sharing Systems with Service Level Constraints). This concept may create a win-win situation for both people and environment. People spend less money on transportation to get to their final destinations. It is more convenient for people to use bikes instead of private vehicles for short trips. At the same time, as more people use shared bikes, there are fewer private vehicles on the road. As a result, there is no traffic. Of course, this is an ideal case for bike sharing program. In reality, however, it is a totally different
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