Essay On Bilingual Experience

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Anna Wierzbicka,in her article: Bilingual lives,Bilingual experience ,is talking about a German sinologue,called Christoph Harbsmeier. He gives an interview in the French magazine Epok,talking about ‘the influence of language on thought, how we are influenced . . . in our ways of being and of feeling by our language’. The most interesting thing in this article is that she he illustrates this general statement with his own experience. More exactly,he is an Australian,but also he speak French and Polish.From his perspective,being a bilingual person is not so easy because ” A change of language brings with it a change of role.” I think that is a great advantage to be bilingual because you can communicate with people from other countries , you can know their culture , customs and traditions . Moreover , you can get involved in various activities that you can learn something new, gaining experience. We know that when meeting new people , cultures, traditions…show more content…
Moreover bilingual people have a capacity much better than the monolingual to make decisions and to succeed. They can be also some better leaders:”Bilinguals do not differ from monolingual in term of active inhibition but have acquired a better ability to mantain action goals to use them to bias goal-related information. Under some circumstances,this ability may indirectly lead more pronounced reactive inhibition of irrelevant information.” This mean that bilinguals have much more executive control than monolingual” Bilingual people are also better than monolingual people at switching between two tasks; for example, when bilinguals have to switch from categorizing objects by color (red or green) to categorizing them by shape (circle or triangle), they do so more rapidly than monolingual people reflecting better cognitive control when changing strategies on the
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