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Bilingual Kids have better chances of succeeding than on language kids Learning languages is a treasure. This is a sentence that we know it holds some truth, however we can’t claim for sure that our bilingual kids are smarter than the kids who learn one language. Well, a study has shown that learning languages from a very early stage is extremely important in the brain development of the child, especially in the areas responsible for decision-making and problem-solving. Moreover, as soon as the child gets to 11 month you can start to expose him/her to another language and begin with developing his brain and encourage brain activities. According to the researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, bilingual …show more content…

The best way for a baby to acquire the language is to expose him/her to that language. So, you don’t teach the child to learn the language, but instead you expose him from a very early age to different types of people of groups where the language is spoken. So, if you think that you’ll only confuse your baby, think twice! Babies can differentiate between different speech sounds, tone of speech and even differentiate from women and men speech. In cases where both parents speak different languages, then it’s best if mommy speaks her language to the baby and daddy speaks his language to the baby, by doing so the baby will naturally learn to distinguish and acquire both languages. However, if you’re not a bilingual family, then you need to bear in mind that the more you expose your child to different types of communities, where different languages are spoken, the better are the chances that your baby will acquire both languages equally. Kids also need to understand that they need to learn the language from different people with different languages addressing them. In this way, children will naturally find their way to understand and acquire different

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