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To begin with, a bilingual person is someone who speaks two languages or more. Many bilingual people grow up speaking two languages because these children were speaking their parents' native language however when they go out for playing, at school or kindergarten they need another language because the society around them speak another language. For instance, in my childhood in our family we were speaking Romanian language a clear difference was when I went at the kindergarten and a lot of kids were speaking Russian language as a result I learnt quickly this language and after all I became a bilingual person. Moreover, bilingual life helped me to discover the new way of being, feeling and thinking of the society who was around me.…show more content…
The human life is interesting when you can express your thoughts and emotions by a new language which is a new way to have a conversation and discover the world around you. A change of language brings with it a lot of new things as different way of thinking and feeling. In fact, I was born in a bilingual country where people are speaking at least two different languages, Romanian and Russian. Because of this, I had the opportunity to discover the differences between Romanian and Russian cultures. A change of language brings with it a change of role. In the French magazine Epok the multilingual German sinologue Christoph Harbsmeier says that what interests him most is ‘the influence of language on thought, how we are influenced . . . in our ways of being and of feeling by our language’. My own experience show me the truth of this statment for example, when I learnt russian language i began to understand people around me, when I speak English, Spanish or French I am feeling happy because the way of beeing in life change, I can keep into control my emotions and feelings and developing my

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