Essay On Biological Reductionism

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Moving on to the third theory, the identification of oneself as a male or female is the basis of a self-identity that is universally held to be the outcome of certain bodies, genitals and their attributes. To establish the behaviour of men and women in quite definite and particular ways, biological reductionism is suggesting that the biochemical and genetic structures of human beings are dominant on that part. Men are widely held to be more domineering, hierarchically oriented and hungry for power, while women are perceived as nurturing, child rearing, and domestically disposed. However, many individuals in cultural studies and other humanities have claimed for the complete plasticity of sex and gender. Biochemical and genetic structures are…show more content…
This biological reductionism is also brought into culture which leads to the perception of men being hunters, domineering, hierarchically oriented and hungry for their power, while women, like Milou van Deelen, should be nurturing due to their reproducing organs, child rearing, and domestic, because while the men are out there hunting for their families, the women should take care of their man and children at home. Just by looking at biological reductionism, it is seen that Milou van Deelen is being slut-shamed while men are being praised for their hunting, because men simply can while Milou cannot, because it is in one’s nature. The sex and gender theory suggests that women are being dominated by men, because women are learned to subject to it since it has turned into a cultural attribute thanks to biological reductionism. When these biological characteristics of these two genders become established into society, the enculturation of these mind-sets of the society becomes institutionalized and so absorbed that humans do not even realize that individuals are being learned these subservience and act on our behaviour. To conclude, it is because of societal norms and values, although they may have some biological roots, that gender is assigned to boys and girls by significant others
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