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ABSTRACT This article explains recent advances in the synthesis and characterization of biomaterials. Biomaterial is any matter, surface, or construct that interacts with living systems which is used to do expected activity of the replaced material towards human body. Biomaterials are commonly used to replace any of the traumatized or degenerated tissues or organs. All materials cannot be replaced by traumatized organ of the body, the material should poses good characteristics towards bio compatibility and host response. Bio compatibility and host response both refers to response of host organism towards the replaced materials. Apart from this there are many factors to be considered such as mechanical properties, surface hardness, corrosion…show more content…
There are many methods to produce bio materials such as physical method, chemical method etc. By means of appropriate selection of bio materials and producing technique depending on the area of installation of biomaterials the effectiveness of bio materials can be improved. Depending on the behavior of bio materials towards host organism and their mechanical behavior, bio materials can be installed in areas such as Joint replacements, Bone plates, Bone cement, Artificial ligaments and tendons, Dental implants for tooth fixation, Blood vessel prostheses, Heart valves, Skin repair devices (artificial tissue), Cochlear replacements, Contact lenses, Breast implants, Drug delivery mechanisms, Sustainable materials, Vascular grafts, Stents, Nerve conduits, Surgical sutures, clips, and staples for wound closure, etc. Though the material is bio compatible the same material cannot be used for all the application. Commonly bones will be replaced by titanium and its alloy and composite materials. Polymers will replace traumatized heart valves and blood valves etc. bone joints will be replaced by ceramics in order to resist high wear. Bio materials can be used in the form of sutures, bone plates, joint replacements and surgical equipment’s

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