Pros And Cons Of Birth Order Theory

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Unique Circumstances Is it possible to predict the personality of a child before they are even born? Birth order theory says so. This theory states that whether we are born first, middle, or last that we will have different character traits than our other siblings. The family we are raised in has a huge effect on the development of that child. It forms them to be leaders, slackers, adventurous, or a plethora of other traits. Where does each individual fall in the hierarchy of their siblings? Who is the oldest, youngest, middle child, only child, and of course the favorite child? I was every single one of these at one point in my life. Complicated. I know. I was the youngest until I was eight years old and became the only child at home when my brother moved out. When I was thirteen I became the oldest in the house. Although, I have always been the favorite! I now have four younger siblings that I have watched grow. I had a different upbringing then most because I was tossed around with tons of other kids. After researching birth order theory, I now know that I am in a different category than what psychologist say I am. I have all the…show more content…
I know for sure that it started in middle school. I was taking notes for my science class when I misspelled the word “Photosynthesis” and I put “photosyntheses.” I immediately ripped my paper out of my notebook and started over. I could have easily corrected my spelling error, but instead I redid them. I did not want sloppy notes to study off of. This same problem followed me into high school. I was always striving to make my notes absolute perfection. Not wanting a single stray pencil mark or any pen bleeding through the paper. Now that I am in college I realize I have turned my problem into something useful. I take notes in class in pen, and then after class I go back through and edit them. Each color has a specific meaning. This has helped me tremendously in preparing for college

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