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In Bishop Tod Brown’s letter to the church of Orange titled, “Reverencing and Defending the Value of All Human Life,” Bishop Brown writes to his dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord to subtlety persuade them to vote yes for proposition 85. Through diction, tone, and allusions, Bishop Brown, carefully and effectively nudges and sways his people of the Church to choose a certain position on certain propositions in the upcoming election. Without stating out straight forward his bare message, Bishop Brown uses certain words to appeal to his audience, a seemingly holy and encouraging tone of importance, and careful allusions to reach out to his people and guide them in a certain direction. Through diction and tone, Bishop Brown is able to sway his fellow people into seeing things a certain way. By using “loaded” words, or…show more content…
For example, instead of listing challenges of the human life as “abortion, rich and poor gap, immigration, gay marriage, and war issues,” he opts to describe it as “the prevailing plague of abortion, the widening chasm between rich and poor, the callous hostility toward immigrant families, the unrelenting attempts to redefine marriage, the dehumanizing experiments on embryonic stem cells, the demeaning efforts to legalize assisted suicide, and the moral mire of war and terror that haunts our world.” By adding such adjectives to his topics that he wanted to list, he creates a tone that sounds all mighty and important. In creating this tone, he is able to wrap the readers around his finger as they continue to read about the ever so serious challenges. Continuing his tone, Bishop Brown then goes to quote a segment from the Bible, beginning, “Would that all the people of the LORD were prophets!...we are the fulfillment of this spiritual longing…a gospel that gives life to the weary and the
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