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Black Bears fur can range in color to very black or brown. American black bears are omnivorous, they like to eat berries, meats, roots, insects, larvae, and fish. They are also able to murder adult deer and hoofed wildfire kill elk, deer, and moose they are attractive to human garbage. Grizzly Bears are dark brown, there are omnivores. They eat roots off plants, berries, and eat through garbage dumps. Female Black Bear gives birth to their cubs in the winter in the den. In January or in February the female grizzly bear gives birth to their cubs inside the den.

Black Bears live in certain areas their food is demanded in small areas. Most of the adults are three feet tall at the shoulder, their length from the nose to tail is about 75 inches. All of the bears including black bears is sexually dimorphic, large black bear can be an quantity of six hundred pounds in weight. Female black bear can rarely exceed two hundred pounds, black bears can live until they are thirty years old but most die before their early twenties. American black bear range covers most of the North American continent, black bears is solitary creatures except for family. The embryo does not
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Grizzly bears typically weigh up to seven hundred pounds, males are larger than females. Female grizzly bear can weigh up to eight hundred pounds, they can target animals: cattle and sheep. Grizzly bears can live until they are thirty years old in the wild, but most of them die at twenty years old. They move to Western U.S. South into Mexico, they are found in woodlands, forests, prairies, and alpine meadows. The bears use movements, sounds, and smells to communicate. Grizzly bears hibernate in a high temperature den during winter. Through autumn and summer grizzlies construct fat refrain by making a lot of food, the length of winter season grizzly bears can be in their dens up to seven

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