Essay On Black Crime

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This final research paper is going to about how and why should people be more involved in the civil rights moment about how African American’s lives matter. This has been going on for years because of the way African Americans are being treated these days. African Americans were and still are treated differently and they’re being discriminated by the color of their skin.. African Americans and others who think this should change started to make movements and fight for their rights not physical fights but by speak for people. The black lives matter is a campaigns against violence toward black people. The idea of black-on-black crime is not a significant political among black people it is patently false. In Chicago, high rates of involving, or designed for members of different races murder, members of the community created the Violence Interrupters to limit violent altercations before they become more of an issue. Those who want to be talking about black-on-black crime always fail to say that most crime is by every race. 93% of black…show more content…
Black people are not born more violent or more bound or liable for crime than other race groups. Black people are out of proportion they are more likely to be targeted by police and arrested, and likely to attend poor or failing schools. All of these social signals place one of the higher risk for being either a victim or someone who has committed of violent crime. To reduce violent crime, they must fight to change system, rather than wanting to hurt other people. Today, in social media individuals throughout the nation and across the world are drastically slashing the time it takes to organize a protest. Not only is social media a tool for mobilization, but reporting on police brutality for social media also influences print and tv coverage, which means that attention has be
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