Essay On Black Lives Matter

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Aejah D. Clother " All lives matter until Black lives matter " is one the most powerful quotes that I 've heard coming out of my peer 's mouth. It gave me the reassurance that I 'm not the only one see the there 's a big crack on the wall. The word black has a lot of negative connotation that baffles me. Being in a predominantly white institution like SUNY Fredonia, the word black still brings the chills.To me, this means that until the Americans open their eyes and realize that there 's systemic and economic racism in their own country towards people of color, then the discussion of everyone 's life matter. In the film about Malcolm X, there was a scene where Malcolm and Baines were in the library. In this scene, you as the audience realize how words have a deeper…show more content…
The American bamboozled shows portrays the stereotypical image of blacks in the south as big lips, big eyes and watermelon people. How can you think certain representation in the media wouldn 't have an effect on the mentality of the mass. This is why Black lives Matter. The images below are from the minstrel show which was entrainment for the American 's during the 1800 's. Now, the actors were all white who painted their face with coal to represent "black face"... If anyone knows anything about the color of coal, then they would know that it is extremely black. What was the purpose of using coal to represent blackface? From watching some the shows, I realize that the purpose of this act is not really for entertainment but this was truly how America viewed blacks in America. Without any consideration of the reactions of this shows, the creators knew that the blacks wouldn 't retaliate about it. What do I mean by this ? well, the stereotypes creating by these minstrel shows started to become a real thing in the black community. This is why Black Lives Matter. Extracting a trait or feature from someone and blend in other substance to create your own view about that person, creates
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