Essay On Black Violence

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Black on Black violence in New Orleans Louisiana has risen exponentially ever since the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina, a problem that can be solved by the coming together of the African American community to protect each other’s back. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans Louisiana on August 29th, 2005 and left an impact that could not properly be described by any set of words. The main problem that everyone could see was that a great city had been completely obliterated. The dilemma that was overlooked by practically everyone was that the entire city had shut down. The Mayor at the time, Mayor Ray Nagin called for a mandatory evacuation of the city for the Hurricane, but due to the history of false calls with storms that were said to…show more content…
The main factor in the crime scene was the reestablishment of the narcotics scene basically days after the storm hit. The reintroduction of Narcotics into a city that was practically shut down causing free reign for citizens that had criminal intentions. Unfortunately crime is usually partnered with violence and the violence rate, mostly black on black, also rose exponentially. With the rise of black on black violence after Katrina stereotypes developed which caused unwarranted speculation in cases dealing with the police department and black on black violence. Similar cases such as black on black violence and police on black violence that seem to be never ending spark anger and hate in the hearts of the African American race which has only turned into more crime and more violence. This violence and crime has turned tourist city into a war zone for the past decade and it paints a terrible picture for a city whose main financial income is its tourists. The black on black and police on black violence can be solved over time by a multitude of means one of them being the coming together of the African American community to protect themselves from racism, stereotypes, crime and self-inflicted
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