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What is Blended Learning?

This method of learning–which combines classroom and online education
“To integrate online with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner”.
Since the emergence of the internet 2.0 more and more students spend their time on the internet doing various things, blended learning does not mean simply a lecturer should simply start a chat or even upload videos, it is when two environments meet that being online where students spend most of their time and face to face class activities. Collaborating face to face time with online activity. Simply blended learning is using online technology to supplement learning.
Blended learning has been described as a mode of teaching that eliminates
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Digital divide is an economic and social inequality with regards to access to, use of technology
By incorporating information technology into class projects, communication between lecturers and part-time students has improved, and students were able to better evaluate their understanding of course material via the use of "computer-based qualitative and quantitative assessment modules"
Blended learning can be used to reach the barren sides of the country where learners don’t have enough study materials, moving surplus material from schools that have enough to school that don’t have, blended learning/teaching

Blended learning will not fulfil its promise of better learning unless teachers can be encouraged to re-think and redesign courses that afford students more, and different learning experiences than those offered by either online or classroom
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