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There are many unanswered issues of the visually handicapped people in Singapore. Blindness may result from a disease, injury or other factors that limit the vision. Legal blindness is when that a person has vision that has 20 out of 200 degrees or worse. In fact, a person with 20 out of 200 degree vision sees an object from 20 feet that a person with perfect 20 out of 20 vision is able to see from 250 feet. Knowing the challenges that visually impaired people have to face may help sighted people understand what blind people face each day. Pic 4: Our Persona of Patricia From my persona I found quite a few of challenges. One of them is the environmental aspect. Also can be stated as travelling. People with complete blindness or low vision…show more content…
Big furniture such as chairs and tables must remain in one location to avoid unnecessary injuries. If a blind person shares the house with others, each member of the household must make sure to keep walkways clear and all items in designated…show more content…
Technology is another aspect that poses a challenge for blind people. E.g. a visually impaired person isn’t able to read the information on the internet. For them to surf the net, they must have a software that can read off the screen, but this may take a long period to learn the method. People who have very low vision will have difficulty with viewing websites as well, particularly the tiny fonts, screen and icon colours used by tons of sites. Those people will definitely need a special equipment that can enlarge a screen greatly. Other technologies, such as mp3 players that require selection by visual means, will also create problems for blind people. These issues are relevant and important to our society because they are also a part of it. The visually impaired are also the citizens of Singapore. Just because they are a minority, it doesn’t mean that we can ignore their needs and issues. Furthermore, from what we can see, the needs of the visually impaired in Singapore are quite neglected. Therefore, we must start small and think big and help the people who needs it. Personal Learning

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