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Blocking floor method has been employed to reduce the vibration impact in the buildings due to the passage of the trains. The basic theory and principle for the working of this method is based on the fact that the vibrations are transferred to the upper side between the consecutive stories through the structure of columns and beams in the building. So this method basically mitigates the vibrations induced in the building structures by continuously decreasing their amplitude and impact. The reduction in the vibration is achieved through the impedance or physical resistance or obstacles provided by the floor slabs and girders.
This model is structured on the fact that in a model structure of a building, vibrations were produced artificially and the speed and velocity of these vibrations were measured for each floor at its center. The technique applied was that the thickness of the first floor was increased than the upper floor similarly the density or width of each floor was greater than its upper story. It has been observed that the materials like concreter and iron girders in the floor slabs behave as resistance to the propagating waves. This method of increasing the floor thickness is basically referred to as Blocking Floor.
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The stiffness of the system was defined as the sum of the effective mass of the columns and the masses of other components attached to them through the entire structure, which were considered as the element for energy dissipation for the propagating waves. Each and every element has its own capability to cause the waves to lose their energy by offering them a particular resistance which is considered as the stiffness of the material by which that element is composed

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