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Blood Pressure Monitors
Blood pressure monitors read your blood pressure and over the counter, models are normally automatic and the accuracy can vary. Most of them will read both the systolic and diastolic pressure and often have heart rate indicators as well. Blood pressure monitors are either wrist type or upper arm type and it is up to the individual which one they prefer. The upper arm types are generally used in clinics or hospitals. It is a good idea to monitor your blood pressure because it will help prevent heart-related problems. If you find that blood pressure is higher than normal it will give you time to visit your doctor before it is too late.

The main features to ask for is the type of cuff that you would like either upper arm or wrist type. The accuracy of
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With the free Omron iOS and android applications you are able to monitor your blood pressure and keep unlimited records but that is only possible with certain smartphones and you will need to check on the Omron website if your phone is compatible. The blood pressure monitor can store up to 100 readings and the readings are multi-colored to show straight away how your blood pressure compares with normal household blood pressures.

This is a very good blood pressure monitor and is classed amongst the most accurate blood pressure monitors. It takes 3 consecutive readings 1 minute apart and then uses that average. The Omron 10 is strongly built and will last you a long time and is a good portable blood pressure monitor which if used correctly will give you very accurate results. If you are in the market for a blood pressure monitor and don't mind paying the extra price then this would be a good blood pressure monitor for you to consider.

MeasuPro Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate
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