Persuasive Essay On Benefits Of Eating Blueberries

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One of the fruits that we, humans, enjoy is berries. With berries on our table, not only does it satisfy or craving for a good taste, but it also provides us with nutritional values that we need in order to stay healthy and fit. As humans too, most of us have pets in our homes that we take care just like a real family member. We give them the shelter that they need, and even share the food on our table. Since berries are found on our table at times, we also tend to give these to them. Specifically, one of the berries that we love to consume is blueberries. However, a question arises if blueberries for dogs are good or not?
Can dogs eat blueberries? We want to know the answer to this question so that we will be able to determine if we are giving the right diet to our dogs or not.

Can dogs eat blueberries?
Yes. Dogs can eat blueberries as humans
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Giving your dog blueberries can help prevent a lot of diseases such as cancer, heart problems and other health issues caused by free radicals.
To better understand, these free radicals are usually produced when your dog’s body becomes exposed to harmful environment chemicals such as smoke from cigarettes and even the radiation circulating in the atmosphere. These free radicals will damage the cells in our body, which will later on make us sick. It goes the same with dogs too. However, due to the presence of anti-oxidants from berries, eating blueberries can protect your dogs from these harmful free-radicals
For dogs who are already on their older age, blueberries are deemed very important and useful as it help old dogs maintain their cognitive functions. As a matter of fact, blueberries are found to be helpful in dogs who are suffering from Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. When it comes to pancreatic health, blueberries help since it is a great source for silicon based on some
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