Essay On Blues Rock

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During the 1960’s and the 1970’s Blues Rock took an identity all of its own combining aspects of both blues and rock n’ roll. Blues rock is a fusion genre that combines aspects of both the blues genre and the rock genre. The music takes on more of an electric feel because the instruments that are used. The main instruments used for blues rock include electric guitar, bass guitar, and drum kit, they often include harmonicas as well. Blues rock was developed in the United States as well as the United Kingdom during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Since Blues Rock is a combination of two different genres there are many different ways a blues rock band or artist can sound. Some include bluesy improvisation, the twelve-bar blues, boogie jams or even speed…show more content…
When reading thru the lyrics the lyrics talk about how nobody cares and how you need to have the attitude of that nobody is going to care and you need to do what every you want to do with your life. Later in the song it talks about how the other people of the world and people that are involved in your life are doing things that are not good. For example, “Your telling me things but your girlfriend lied”. Also when listening to this song it sounds like a motivational song that is telling people to be their own person and do what they want with their lives. If I were to be back in the day and listened to this song, I believe it would motivate me to be my own person and resist the powerful society. The emotions that I feel when I hear this song is that it makes me happy and motivated. The song gives me a emotion to be a good person and rise up to be the best person of my ability. Another song that brings out the same emotion as “Dream On” is a song by Pink Floyd called “Comfortably Numb”. In this song Pink Floyd eludes to being comfortably numb with who you are and being okay with not going along with how society is. Looking thru the whole chorus each line can be brought back to going against society and
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