The Importance Of Boat Trailering

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Boat Trailering Having a boat may seem like a luxury, but it can often prove to be quite difficult to use. At first, it seems as easy as operating a car, but it requires a lot more knowledge than the simplicity of operating a car. Not knowing these skills can result in destruction of property, injury, and in some cases, death. Loading a boat on and off the trailer into the water can be a challenging task. To start with, there is a lot of small things that need to be taken into consideration when unloading a boat into the water. There are things to check before leaving the home that will help the launch go smoothly. Start with the battery, make sure it is charged. Without a charged battery, the boat cannot start and is virtually useless. Check and make sure the plug is in the stern of the boat. If the plug is left out, the boat will sink. Also, make sure your boat is either completely full of gas, or full enough to make it to the gas pumps. This will vary depending on where you go boating because all lakes are different. Another tip is to use non-ethanol gas because it gets better nautical miles per gallon than ten-percent ethanol gas. Along with increased fuel economy, non-ethanol gas does not force rubber…show more content…
You trim the motor down before starting it because it uses the water as coolant and cycles it through the motor when it is running. Then you need to start your boat. Once you have your boat started, you need to untie the boat. You should untie the rear first, because it is easier to control the rear of the boat than the front. Next, untie the front. Once the boat is untied, you can put in reverse, and slowly back out of the loading area. It is easier to go slowly when exiting the loading area because it does not create near as much wake as it would to exit quickly. A lot of wake can cause a lot of other problems for other boaters that are trying to load and

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