Essay On Bobcat History

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The first day of practice was a day to remember because all the players had amazing new pads and brand new white and black nikes, they were fresh smelling spikes. The air being very humid. The team was working all morning from 7-11. Many drills were being ran when the coach was paying attention to the the offense all morning. Practice was long with many whistles and explanations on the first day. The second practice was like a steaming hot pan. Monday started off with WR drills when all of the sudden fists were being thrown between black CB Reggie Hawk and white WR James King because of a remark from King calling Hawk a nigger. The coaches didn 't step in till all the whites and blacks started fighting. The tension…show more content…
Winning the district championship was like the super bowl , the field was a wild atmosphere on November 13, 1960 when the Bobcats walked off the field with a 32-28 win against the redskins of Marblehead MA. The trophy ceremony was like winning a NASCAR race a amazing moment for the players. Stunning pictures to go down in history as one of the best teams in Bobcat history. Right as all the players were ready to get on the plane for the championship game to head to Limingtom Maine. Most parents said their goodbyes and good lucks to their college football players that they were already proud of because of how spectacular they played. During mid flight the plane started screeching at 6:50, red lights, then all of the sudden the pilot was like a Jumbotron saying, "CODE RED, I REPEAT CODE READ, THE PLANE IS GOING DOWN." The plane ended up crashing half was to their destination. The families of the young children trying to make a name for themselves were devastated by the tragedy. The team that the Bobcats were supposed to play ended up fore fitting the title to the Bobcats. The funerals of all the players were at the college they played for. The opposing team showed up in honor of the Bobcats; The fearlessness of that team will always be remembered by many alumni and family members as one of the most amazing teams in Bobcat history as the Class of
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