How To Improve Body Image In Society

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In today’s society children are having many problems with their body image. Children need help to better their body image to ultimately help their life. There are several causes for this low body image that society can fix. Even though companies use edited pictures, society needs to help improve body image because bad body image is unhealthy and can lead to failure. Children constantly see unrealistic bodies on advertisements from companies. Companies edit their pictures to appeal to the young and sell their products. They even choose models who do not resemble the average person. The National Center for Health Statistics confirms “the average American man is about 5’9” and weighs about 190 pounds. The average male fashion model, though, is about 6’1” and only weighs about 160 pounds” (Perfect Body Image). The goal of these models is not just to sell the product but also appear happy, confident, and successful. Confidence and body image are related and can depend on one another. A person with low body image usually will also have low confidence. Confidence is important and can help someone succeed in life. According to 5 Ways to Promote a Positive Body Image, “people with a positive body image of themselves feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to succeed … [and] kids with a…show more content…
Parents have a key role in being able to help in several ways, as they are very influential in their Children’s lives. One important thing parents can do is motivate and encourage their children in talks about real life. Parents can point out the unrealistic things they see in an effort to help their children understand that things are not like that in life. Parents should help their children figure out what is real and not real so that as they grow up they can see these things for themselves. To promote the feeling of self-worth, not like the unrealistic things you see, such as
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