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INTRODUCTION: Body image is something that has been a concern for people, mostly women, these days. It has been an inevitable cycle since the early 21st century. Slade and Russels show that body image disturbance lies at the heart of anoriexia (1973) that is why anorexia always comes up in a body image problem. Nonetheless, most pictures of a perfect woman today shows that they need to be skinny in order to be perfect or to claim the title of being ‘perfect’. Women theses days are trying their best in order to accept the wrong trend. Thigh gap, bikini bridge, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, those are common things that may pop-up in a teenager’s conversation these days. Why do female tend to have a body image problem compared to male? Because female is more sensitive compared to male. Male is known to have a mechanistic thinking while women is using their mentalistic thinking (Crespi & Badcock, 2004). Female is known to have a better way to predict one’s thoughts or feelings, their…show more content…
This condition may happen to both gender, male and female. However, some researchers has been doing some experiments and gave out that female are more likely to get affected by this problem. There are three body image problems that would be discussed in this essay. First, the most famous body image problem that happened around the world with an increasing number of exposed female with the problem. Anorexia, or sometimes also known as Anorexia Nervousa, is a restriction of behaviour that promote healthy body weight. Those with this problem will likely to fake their weight and sees theirselves worstly. They think of themselves as an ugly creature compared to what they see in the society or the media itself. However, the society and the media are not the only things that could make the issue happened. This issue has happened a long time

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