Essay On Body Language

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Before I start bombarding you with facts I’d like to start with a quote I read by konstanin stanlivaski who’s a Russian actor and theatre director. It states that “the language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul”. Now that I have said this quote, if you think about it, is body language really the key to unlocking the soul and revealing who you really are? Body language is often the key to creating or uncovering the real meaning of a message, and in Professor Albert Mehrabian’s book which is called “silent messages” he has come to a conclusion that 55 percent of communication actually takes place through body language. So, body language builds, conforms, or dispels our impressions of other people. For instance if you saw a random…show more content…
"People say, don 't fold your arms and don 't put your hands in your pocket or don 't cross your legs," says Richard. "But these are things you do consciously. The really important signals tend to be those you do unconsciously. However, body language can be miscommunicated. For example some actions can mean that a person is mad or upset such as crossing their arms, most people perceive that as a person being mad or uptight about something when in reality it could just be a gesture they do unconsciously. In certain situations body language can be an important factor. The last thing we really want in a meeting is for our body language to take over the actual message so a balance between body language and the information given is needed. On the other hand, body language can also add significance in a meeting and add more emphasis to the persons speech. if a person was presenting in a meeting and stood still with no expression or movement the audience in the room would be discouraged to listen and would get distracted or even bored. On the other hand if the presenter were to use a fair amount of body language the audience would be hooked and engaged. Like if I were presenting right now and moving and using hand gestures wouldn’t you pay more
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