Essay On Body Temperature

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D Primarily, it is important that the internal environment of the body is maintained, by the means of homeostasis. Therefore, the nervous system and hormones take responsibility in assisting with this process in order for all regulations to be controlled. For example, the blood sugar levels; Blood sugar levels needs to be adequately controlled to be able to provide the cells with a constant supply of energy. This process is controlled by the release and storage of glucose, which in return is controlled by a hormone known by the name of insulin. Therefore, insulin is produced by the pancreas that is the regulation of glucose levels within the blood. Also, another hormone that the pancreas releases is glucagon as a response when the blood sugar level falls. This results in the liver to convert glycogen back into…show more content…
Therefore, to ensure that this is maintained it can be measured in many areas of the body such as the ear, finger, mouth and anus. The equipment that provides a successful approach to this are a clinical thermometer, heat-sensitive strips, digital probes and thermal imaging cameras. However, if an individual’s body temperature is too high or too low then this could be a dangerous factor that may lead to divesting results. For example, if it is too high then the result could be dehydration or death, where as if it’s too low this can cause hypothermia and death. Therefore, this is why is it important to regulate body temperature and maintain it at an appropriate level, due to it being a danger to the functioning of the body. This is why control mechanisms are in place to prevent any of these things from happening; the temperature of the body is observed by the brain. This means that the brain is able to increase or decrease heat loss from the surface of the body through delivering nerve impulses to the
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