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The Use of Bomb Calorimeter in Measuring Enthalpies How a bomb calorimeter works? First, put the object that you want to measure inside the bomb. Once everything is plugged in and set up, the electricity passing though the wires, along with the supplied oxygen will combust the object. When is is combusted, heat will be given out. There will be a stir that helps distribute the heat evenly all through the water. A temperature probe determines the amount of heat given off and converts it to joules. Components of a Bomb Calorimeter The main elements of a bomb calorimeter are: • Dewar or insulating jacket: is the body of the calorimeter which is made up of a doublewalled flask of metal with a vacuum between the two walls to prevent the transfer of heat.…show more content…
• Stirrer: A metallic rod that is used to thoroughly disseminate heat into the surroundings which helps to mitigate the errors of the bomb calorimeter. • Thermometer: the thermometer is used to determine the temperature of the surroundings before and after the reaction of the sample initiated. Uses of Bomb Calorimeter Bomb Calorimeter is used during chemical reaction to show the heat of combustion. It confirmed whether or not the tested product is eligible to be used as well as to determine its quality. Bomb Calorimeter is also being used in various different fields such as: • Thermodynamics Study Thermodynamics studies how heat changes to and from other energy forms. Bomb calorimeter is used in thermodynamics researches to measure the amount of heat involved in formation and reaction, change in enthalpy throughout the reaction and the heat of combustion. It is very vital in this field of study. • Educational Training For individuals who aim to pursue career which require the use of Bomb Calorimeter, need to be familiar with using this device. It is also used to elaborate on theories related to this field of

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