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After attempts to murder two children, Bob Ewell is attacked and stabbed to death- an event that reveals the legitimate personality and identity of Boo Radley. Previously known as merely an isolated maniac, the character Boo has much more depth than any of his neighbors imagined. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird reveals the true personality of Boo as displayed through the simile of the mockingbird, imagery of his neighbor’s descriptions, and the heroic plot twist in the final chapters of the book. The imagery of his neighbors’ descriptions is the complete opposite of Boo’s true personality. Stephanie Crawford, a lady who lives on the same street as Boo, begins to spread rumors about him. She tells the neighborhood that he was “looking straight at her” through her bedroom window in the middle of the night (Lee16). Not only are the adults gossiping, but Boo’s absence in the community also influences the children to do the same. A young boy named Jem Finch has more exaggerated thoughts of Boo Radley, telling his friends he “[Dines] on raw squirrels and any cats he [can] catch” (Lee 16). Due to the fact that Boo never shows his face in the neighborhood, people were forced to make incorrect assumptions about him. After the plot twist near the end of the book, Boo’s neighbors are proved erroneous once and for all. When Bob Ewell attacks Jem and her…show more content…
He is similar to a mockingbird because he doesn’t do anything wrong, and in turn should not be harmed. As Scout grows older, she begins to realize that Boo did not deserve the nonsense she constantly provided him when she was younger. She announces that she began to feel “a twinge of remorse” when she reminisces on her previous actions (Lee 344). In the final moments of the book, the thought that harming Boo would be “like shootin’ a mockingbird” comes to Scout’s mind (Lee 370). He only does well for others and should not be harmed
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