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Book banning is a problem that plagues our society. To learn more, letters were sent to multiple libraries to assist in researching the book banning process. Initially, letters were only sent to Medomak Valley High School (MVHS) and the Warren Free Public Library (WFPL). A letter was later sent to the Maine State Prison library where it was forwarded to many more schools in Maine. The responses received included information on the book banning process and how librarians feel about book censorship. The WFPL didn 't provide their process for dealing with book challenging, but MVHS provided a very detailed book banning process. First, a “Instructional and Library-Media Materials Challenge Form.” must be completed. This form will be sent to the Superintendent who will then appoint a committee to read and examine the material; a committee comprised of “one Principal at the appropriate grade level; one librarian/media specialist; one classroom teacher; the department head in the subject area of the challenged materials; one community member”. The committee, after weighing the values and faults of the material, makes the decision wether or not the book should be removed. The committee’s decision can then be appealed to the School Board if there is any disagreement in the community about…show more content…
There have been numerous challenged in the community, but none have had a very large impact since they never made it very far in the banning procedure. I learned a lot about the process a book goes through to be banned. Book banning is an ignorant thing. Ignorant being “a lack of knowledge or awareness”, and the people who want books banned are ignorant; they lack the awareness of their opposition. Some of the librarians, mainly Ms. Grant in this paper, understand both positions. This is the understanding that all people need; the understanding of both their own opinion and the arguments against their opinion
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