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Over the years I have developed few healthy habits; one of the best qualities among these is the quality of reading books. It is true that book reading is considered as boring among the young people’s, but there are youngsters those who love to read books but in my case I was in the hot zone. I used to hate books; it’s just felt boring for me, but later in my college days when I came across with one of Vivekananda’s biography it’s just changed my life. Once that I hated to read the most later felt in love with it. I realize that book reading is boring until you find your purpose through it. Yes, that’s true; in our day-to-day life we see a lot of entertainment stuff and negative news, but most of the time, very few of them provides the…show more content…
We live in a capsule where everything is so collapsed. We are afraid to explore other cultures and others viewpoint. It limits our mind. In fact, I think the only way to study the dimensions of life is to read others. The world is full of such minds who are continuously recording extraordinary stories and inspiring lessons it just needs to show to the world. For instance, Think what if “War and Peace” had never been written by Leo Tolstoy. Reading as Meditation: Apart from all the work we do, reading could be the very best choice for us. Reading can bring a wind of peace. We are all busy these days for earning a living for our family and for us. Reading not only enriches your future but also calm down your mind. A good book with valuable information can stick you for a long time, and it will bring your conscious level into a whole new level. Even it would be your support system as well; I have a few books that I read when I feel sorry about the day or when I feel troubled with making a right decision. Effective Participant: Reading also made a sufficient impact on our judgments, morals, ethics, social decisions, and emotional levels as well and it makes us human and a peaceful world

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