Persuasive Essay: Should Books Be Banned Books?

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Kids have the right to read
Schools worldwide are starting the movement to ban certain books for children.
There are many different reasons why books shall not be banned. First, kids will not be able to read what they want and they will have limited knowledge. Next, kids will not be able to read about real-life situations that could happen to them or that they could encounter. Finally, kids cannot read many of the classic books anymore that have brought people valuable lessons for years. Books should not be banned for kids because it affects kids knowledge and life lessons. If books are banned, then kids will not be able to read what they want and they will have limited knowledge. An example of this is,“challenged book is a learning experience and can help your kids define their own values and opinions of its content”(“Books For Teens”). The quote above means that if kids read beyond their reading level then, they
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An example of this is “When a book is banned, readers are deprived of good stories that can help them forget their problems for just a few hours each day”(“Books for Kids”). This quote is trying to make a statement about how books can send you to marvelous places in your imagination. Also, when people read they are not only expanding their vocabulary and knowledge but, they are also expanding their imagination. By expanding their imagination they are able to look at things in different perspectives. For instance, “Huck Finn encompasses a grand amount of knowledge that is vastly beneficial to students”(Harris 8). This quote is expressing the thought that those who read gain more knowledge. When banning amazing classic books like “Huck Finn” for kids they then do not get the great beneficial knowledge that books like “Huck Finn” contain. Banning classic books exterminates kids from having a vast imagination and learning great and valuable life
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