Essay On Borderline Personality Disorder

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How many borderlines does it take to change a light bulb? It does not change. Borderline is characterised by an extreme neediness and urges to harm oneself, often including thoughts of suicide. Someone who is suffering from Borderline personality disorder may experience some of the following: lack of sense in oneself, outburst of anger and violence, and suicidal threat and acts of self harm.

Borderline personality disorder can have an affect on a person’s life with the constant fear of being abandoned and even suicidal behavior. People who are suffering from borderline personality disorder have often been victims of childhood sexual abuse. Borderline personality disorder is more commonly seen in women more than it is in men. “ However feminists have urged that Borderline personality
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The Borderline personality disorder used to be described as borderline psychotic, because they are subject to psychotic fits of rage. Someone who has Borderline personality disorder may have outburst of rage which can be caused from the past. “ Nearly 71 percent of people who have borderline personality disorder have experienced some sort of physical abuse.” ( People who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder may have experienced or been a victim of domestic violence. “ As a matter of fact, nearly 62 percent of people with borderline personality disorder have been a victim or experienced domestic violence.” ( There are many signs that can contribute to someone being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The number one symptom for someone who has borderline personality disorder is extreme reactions, such as getting angry when you say anything to them, or ask a question. The second top symptom for someone who has borderline personality disorder is the feeling of emptiness or
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